Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minnesota Road Trip Part 2

We met some of our favorite former camp counselors at the Grand Old Creamery. Marija, Linnea, Joel, Karin, and Michael are pictured here. Karl and Laura aren't in the picture but we loved seeing them too. The girls remain very connected to these wonderful friends who spent the first 2 and 3 summers at camp with us.
Mara and Walter, my friend Jane's son, are just a few days apart. I love the way Sonna is looking up at him. (: We had a fun playdate at a local park together.
The girls enjoyed sorting all of Grandma Margaret's jewelry. Much of it she has made herself. The girls also love Grandma and Grandpa's deep tub for taking baths!
My dad took the girls to the Minnesota Zoo, something he often does with the girls when we come to visit. I assumed they would be gone for an hour or two because Sonna was a little fussy (tired) before they left. They were there for 4 hours! He bought them a fun fuzzy critter at the zoo gift shop shown below, rainbow suckers, a bomb pop Popsicle to share and they covered most of the zoo exhibits. They were so excited. Sonna fell fast asleep on the way home and I brought her inside to sleep on Great Grandma Bredberg's lap. A special treat to spend time with my grandma too!
I love this picture of Sonna and my dad. She's playing with the pen in his pocket.
After the zoo. Smart Grandpa - he put them in a double stroller at the zoo.
This was one of my favorite evenings of the summer so far and I don't think that can be overstated. Petraya hosted a potluck so I could share an evening with my girlfriends. Pictured in the top row are Petraya, baby Mia, Kirsten, Mara the blackberry monster, Sonna, Alecia, and me. On the couch are Payten and Heather, bottom row Morgan, Andi, and Katie. It was so good to be with these dear friends! My mom came to get my girls after an hour and a half so I could enjoy uninterrupted conversation. (:
Sister Sara and Cousin Aasta came to visit us. Oh, how the girls love their baby cousin!

Blowing bubbles with Grandpa Paul. I wish I had a picture of my mom in her garden with the girls. Many mornings I woke up to find Mara in the garden with my mom cutting flowers for bouquets to give to friends and her sister Jan.
We truly have an amazing community in Minnesota. Much of our family is there and many good friends. It was hard for Jedd to get on that plane back to MT after just a short 48 hours in MN, especially after being back at our church for Aasta's baptism and being reminded of our church family there. We are blessed.

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