Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pictures in My Mind

The camera batteries went dead two weeks ago and there have been many mental pictures I've taken in my head.
Last Saturday we went to Hugh's Bay which is where the camp boats are kept. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed time in the paddle boat. Mara and Jedd paddled us over to Jan and Eugene Peterson's place. Mara and Sonna yelled "Jan! Eugene!" and Jan came out to greet us. She was happy to see us and especially the girls. Next we took a canoe out but Sonna was very unsure of the unsteady feeling, even once she sat down. So Sonna and I sat on the steadier dock while Mara enjoyed canoeing with her daddy.
Next, Mara and Jedd came around the way in a sailboat. The wind had picked up a bit so they had a nice ride. They came to pick us up on the dock, but again, Sonna was not having it. So she picked wild roses instead and looked for minnows. We look forward to our Saturdays in the summer when Jedd can be home with us.
Jedd hosted a family reunion this weekend and we decided to go spend the night with him at camp. The girls were so excited, especially when they discovered we could stay in Brad and Deb's cute cabin that Jedd remodeled this winter. They were so excited, in fact, that they could not settled down for bed. At 9:30 I gave the final warning that if they didn't keep their head on the pillow we would not be able to stay the next night at camp with Jedd. Mara was asleep within a minute and a half and Sonna kept up her antics til 10PM. (Sonna and I headed home the next night after supper and she cried and threw her bottom lip out. Mara was so proud to stay and run the canteen with Jedd and build a campfire for the family reunion guests). We were able to spend Saturday afternoon at the beach swimming, eating cherries and gold fish, and visiting with the summer staff as they came to enjoy the water too. It was nice to be together and we were thankful for the gorgeous weather.
(While typing, Sonna came out to the kitchen with her hands over her eyes and a big smile on her face. When I asked what she was doing, she started giggling. I took her hands away from her face and discovered she had decorated her eyes with my eye liner. She thought it was hilarious. When I got up to survey the situation in our bathroom, I stepped on an open glue stick. Earlier today I stepped in Sonna's spilled milk. She is so capable of so many things and yet, still a 3 year old who makes some pretty good messes).
I hope you can visualize some of these scenes in your head. I will get batteries for the camera tomorrow.

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