Friday, August 20, 2010

Mara and Lilly

Mara (5 years 3 months) has been friends with Lilly since they were both 20 months old. Soon they will start Kindergarten! I have a knitting group (I hardly knit but I enjoy all the women and they welcome me inspite of my limited, and not improving, knitting skills). On Tuesday we met down in Polson at a Lodge where one of my friends works in the summertime. It was a special day for Mara and Lilly. Sonna went to Lisa's that day to reconnect with her daycare friends. I didn't have Mara's swimsuit but Lilly said she could share her's with Mara. So Lilly wore the top piece with her underwear on bottom and Mara wore Lilly's bottom piece with a life jacket on top. Pretty good problem solving, huh? You can tell they had a lot of fun in the water!

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