Friday, August 20, 2010

Uncle Mark and Aunt Jane Come to Visit!

This picture cracks me up! Jedd's expression captures it. The girls have Yoga cards with pictures and many days they'll pick a few poses to try out. Sonna chose "Community Circle" and involved Uncle Mark and her Daddy.
Here Uncle Mark was doing Sudoku (number puzzles) while Sonna joined him at the table eating cherries and peanuts in the shell. Mara was doing a puzzle with Aunt Jane at this time.

The girls were quick to bond with their great aunt and uncle. Mara is named after Aunt Jane. (Mara Ida Jane) It was a special time together.
Aunt Jane sewed these beautiful dresses for the girls. They were proud to wear them!

Mark and Jane took us out to dinner Sunday night at Tamarack, a favorite place in Lakeside. We sat outside by the creek and the weather was just right.

Mara and Sonna are such good friends. I'm glad this series of expressions was caught on camera.
Our Sonna shine!

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  1. Community Circle with Uncle Mark and Jedd! I laughed my head off! These are some gorgeous shots of your girls. Keep these posts coming...