Monday, August 9, 2010

Social Butterflies

Have I mentioned that Sonna and Mara (Mara in particular) have insatiable appetites for socialization and play dates? Here they are with preschool friends Dicey and Libby. They played in their tent, play kitchen, played Sequence, played with beads, rode bikes/scooters up and down the street, swam in the kitty pool, ran through the sprinkler, searched for special rocks in the rock pile, received newly sharped pencils from the neighbor girl, made a dramatic deal about the Daddy Longlegs on the back porch, ate mac n cheese and apples for lunch, had Popsicles, built a fort between the couches, played Hide and Go Seek, danced, and drew with sidewalk chalk. This all happened within a two hour play date. I'm tired out.

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