Friday, August 27, 2010

More Cousin Summer Lovin

There's nothing quite like bunk bed anticipation, especially in preparation for a cousin visit! Jedd brought these bunks home from camp for the kids and they were so excited!
Lots of dress up play!

We spent one afternoon at camp swimming and enjoying canteen treats and sandbox play. Becca had sent these matching shirts for all the kids from her camp, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.
I never made it out to the raft this summer but Uncle Mat took the kids and that was pretty exciting. Pictured above is Flathead Lake at camp, pictured below is Flathead Lake in Bigfork.
We spent a late afternoon at Wayfarers State Park in Bigfork. The water was nice and shallow and the kids loved moving around all the driftwood and rocks to build their boat. There was a warning that Swimmer's Itch was a risk but that didn't stop us. Mat joked that if anyone was going to get it, it would be our kids as they rolled the wood around. Thankfully, nobody got it!

At one point Simon yelled, "Teamwork for this one!" and they all helped out. When we left Mara said, "I think that took all my exercising out of me!" She meant to say 'energy'.

I love Simon's stance in this picture!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun but what caught my attention most is how gorgeous you look in the picture you're about being a glamorous and beautiful pregnant woman!