Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Neighbor Girls on Klondyke Loop

Blair and Baylee came over to play this afternoon. The girls made Mud Soup together. Can you see it in the wagon? One of the cooks at camp was moving and really wanted us to come dig up some of his Poppies. We did, but I wasn't into the idea of planting them (we are renting our house) so they sat in a big box in their dirt since Friday night. Well, the girls put them to good use. They cut up the Poppies and leaves and threw chunks of the dirt in the wagon and added water. Yum! Then they had a picnic lunch on the driveway with their Poppy Mud Soup.

Friday evening drive to Lakeside to get fresh cherries, pizza for supper and to rescue a broken down camp van.


  1. Delicious! What did they do with all of that!

  2. I can't get over how much Mara looks like the pictures of you at this age. Think of your pictures with Mat and Amy Hibbard and Sundines...I feel like you're the same girl right now.