Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Sonna is always on the move. She skips or hops or runs, rather than walks. And here she's multi-tasking. She's a phone talking, cookie baking, lip gloss wearing, Ballerina.
Mara, Sonna and I rolled out Grandma Anderson's sugar cookie recipe. It was a lot of fun once the girls stopped arguing over who's turn it was to do what. They used sprinkles (colored sugar) to decorate the first batch and the rest we left to frost tomorrow. I think spreading it out over two days works best with little ones, especially since it requires a fair amount of patience. We did bells, Christmas trees, stars, hearts, circles/Christmas balls, candles, and teddy bears.

I love this little outfit because it represents Svea's drawer of clothes. The leggings and leather booties are hand-me-downs from Mat and Stephanie's kids, the shirt is one of Aasta's, and the sweater dress is from Grandma Margaret. It has been so fun to have some different clothes for Svea. Mara and Sonna had so much pastel pink, light weight 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes because they were early May babies. I'm enjoying the non-pastel wintery clothes for Svea!


  1. Svea is SO GORGEOUS! (the other guys are too, but those pictures of Svea are especially fantastic!)

  2. Oops, I probably should have referred to Mara and Sonna as ladies, not guys. :)