Monday, December 20, 2010

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Check out our Christmas tree. The ornaments were not where I thought they'd be and I have yet to go back down in the crawl space to find them. I actually enjoy the simplicity of the beautiful white lights, but after a few days the girls took matters into their own hands and decorated it with purple and pink crepe paper. Jedd calls it our Lenten Christmas tree.

Svea joined the decorating scene too.

It's the first day of Christmas break and the girls stayed in their pj's until 1:30 this afternoon. The day started with Mara wanting to clean their room but Sonna wasn't so interested so there was a fair amount of yelling. So we transitioned into a Curious George episode, a trip to the grocery store in their pj's (the powdered sugar expired in 2007!), and then frosted some cookies. Sonna literally could not help putting her fingers in her mouth so I gave up on reminding her not to. :) The girls added several drops of food coloring so we had some rather bright pinks, greens, and blues! Mara wanted to mix pink and yellow so we had a pretty orange color too.
They each did 10 cookies and then Mara suggested they get dressed and go outside to play. Great idea!


  1. Every year we decorate cookies as a family on Christmas Eve. There are many pictures of me and my sister Erin with frosting all over us from this fun tradition! Your girls look pretty clean-faced compared to what I'm used to....but my favorite of those pictures is the one of all three of them!

  2. I'm happy ot hear you gave up on Sonna licking her fingers. Pretty sure I licked mine the whole time mom and I frosted our sugar cookies this year. All this to say, Sonna may not ever kick that habit...