Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Merry Christmas! When I got out of bed this morning the girls had already sorted, piled, and counted their presents under the tree. (: Here's Sonna's stack.
We let them open one present this morning and by chance they each opened up a puzzle from Grandma Joan and Grandpa Lanny. It was a fabulous gift! Mara's 200 piece puzzle was just right for this puzzle girl and Sonna enjoyed the satisfaction of doing her Curious George puzzle a few times. Mara's finished product.
The UPS truck came to our house and delivered a package for the girls from Uncle Mike and Auntie Sara. It was an amazing package - the girls are now outfitted as Captain Doodle and Super Toots! They had so much fun jumping off the couches pretending to fly.
Not to leave out the little sister.
The girls also received gifts from great Aunt Pat. She sent these hilarious braided headbands with attached hair that were seriously a near perfect match to the girls' hair color. They loved it!
Some cuddle time with Daddy.
Jedd made us a wonderful Christmas dinner. He grilled steaks, made baked potatoes and broccoli. Then we went to church at 5pm, came home and opened the rest of the presents, had some playtime, read some Christmas stories, and tucked the girls into bed with their new reading lights. Thanks to cousins Simon and Claire, the girls are very excited to read (Sonna makes up her own stories based on the pictures) at bedtime.
This morning I told the girls that we would be celebrating Jesus' birth today and that there would be a special service at church tonight. Sonna asked, "Are we really gonna see Baby Jesus at church?" Oh, that's a tough one!
When I told the girls that their cousin Ivar was going to be baby Jesus at his church, Sonna asked, "Are they gonna travel to Bethlehem? Bethlehem's a long ways away!"


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas eve. We missed you too!

  2. I needed this post so bad tonight! It is 12:47 and I miss you so much! What a blast of a Christmas Eve. I love their super hero outfits. Love you so much. Merry Christmas!